Take it back! (2)


Waitress      It was merely a suggestion.
                 그냥 제안이었어요.


James         We’re not daft and have obviously tried to add salt, but it didn’t work. Now

                 kindly take this back.
                 우린 멍청하지 않고요 물론 소금을 치는 것을 시도해봤지만 성공하지 않았어요.

                 자 이제 좀 가져가세요.


Waitress      I will have to talk with my manager because it’s partially eaten and you

                 had ample time to bring any concerns to me earlier.
                일부를 드셨고 저에게 문제를 더 빨리 이야기할 시간이 충분히 있었기 때문에

                제 매니저와 이야기를 해야겠네요.


James        Actually, you’ve made yourself quite unavailable to us throughout our dining

                experience. Had you come to do a quality check, as most waitresses do,

                then we could have brought it to your attention then. You  never even

                approached us to refill our water glasses, or to offer us another bottle of wine.
               사실 저희가 밥 먹는 내내 저희한테 응답하지를 않았어요. 대부분의

               웨이트리스처럼 품질 검사를 위해 왔었다면 그 때 말할 수 있었죠.

               심지어 우리한테 물을 다시 채워주거나 완인을 한 병 더 제안하기 위해서도

               절대 오지 않았어요.


Waitress    My mistake! Let me take care of this for you.
               제 실수네요! 제가 처리하겠습니다.


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